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Are you Interested in Robotics?

Are you interested in joining the MTHS Robotics team? MARS/WARS is more than just Robots. We compete in a yearly challenge to design, build, and test a robot. They are tasked with marketing, strategizing, and operating with that robot. The goal of the MTHS Robotics team is to practice industry problem-solving skills and teamwork to prepare students for a future in a STEAM career and of course have fun while doing it!

Check out some of our favorite matches over the years that had everyone on their feet cheering!

World High Score at Central Illinois Regional - 2017

Finalist in World Championship Division - 2012

High Scoring Match on Newton Division - 2023

Grey Round Patterns

Are You a Good Fit for MARS/WARS?

MARS/WARS had several project groups that you can work under with a place for everyone. No matter the experience level there is a place for you on the team. The purpose of our program is to help teach students these skills with little to no prior knowledge. There are two parts of the Robotics Team each which are equally important to the success of the team, Engineering and Operations.


The Engineering division of MARS/WARS is tasked with the physical design, manufacturing and programming of the competition robot.​

  • Mechanical

    • Members of this subteam will learn how to operate machining equipment and advanced CNC machines. After parts are created they will preform advanced mechanical assembly to build the robot.

  • Modeling

    • Members of this subteam will learn how to design machinable parts in 3D CAD software. These parts will be combined together to create advanced mechanical designs for game piece manipulation and robot movement.

  • Programming

    • Members of this subteam will learn programming concepts that will help them control a large robot through automation and advanced scripting.​

    • Programmers can also choose to work on a web-based application instead of the controls system to help record useful data from competition matches and use it to make informed and strategic match plans.

  • Electrical

    • Members of this subteam will learn control hardware and electrical design concepts to layout and wire an advanced controls system on the robot.


The Operations division of MARS/WARS is tasked with establishing a brand image and securing funding from the community. It also leads the Outreach efforts to practice the vision of FIRST of inspiring future generations and showing them opportunities in the field of STEAM.

  • Marketing/Media

    • Members of this subteam work to create a brand image for MARS/WARS and connect with industry to obtain sponsors.​​

  • Outreach

    • Members of this subteam create outreach programs that help to connect younger generations and our local community with STEAM concepts and raise awareness of the MARS/WARS Robotics ​Team.

What is the FIRST Robotics Competition?

The FIRST Robotics Competition is a yearly competitive challenge release by FIRST to thousands of robotics teams like ours across the globe. This typically happens the first weekend of January and from then on every team has about 6 weeks to build a robot to compete in that challenge. The challenge changes every year so teams are constantly engineering new designs and developing new ideas for ways to play that year's game.

MARS/WARS separates into its defined subteams and begins the design process immediately following the release of the challenge. During the six weeks following the release of the competition (The Build Season) the team meets several times a week.

Following the Build Season is the Competition Season.  The team attends several competitions that occur during the following weeks and depending on the team's performance they can also qualify to compete at the World Championship.


What is the Time Commitment?

During the Build Season you will be required to meet several times a week. Then the entire team meets on Saturdays from 9-2 to share ideas and parts. The potential time slots are listed below and are assigned based on subteams...

Mondays/Wednesdays 4-6

Mondays/Wednesdays 6-8

Tuesdays/Thursdays 4-6

Tuesdays/Thursdays 6-8

To help prepare for the Build Season, MARS/WARS has a preseason period during November and December where students will learn intro skills and have a chance to become acquainted with the structure of the team to help give them a head start for the oncoming Build Season.

From start to finish, the Robotics Season runs from mid-November to potentially the end of April. While MARS/WARS does expect to student to put in time we understand the busy schedules of a high school student. We would love for anyone interested to join the team and help any way they can. While you may still be on the team and involved in the design if you are unable to meet the full time commitment your attendance could limit your ability to attend the competitions.


If you have any other further questions or wish to learn more reach out to the team coaches at MTHS

Mr. Stoecker -

Mr. Ballard -


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