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Fitz's Car

In 2023 the MARS/WARS team completed our 9th MARS Car.  This year the program had received enough recognition that OSF Children’s Hospital came to us with a potential recipient and the offer to fund the car.  The recipient of this year’s car was a 3 year old boy named Fitz.  Fitz is living with a condition known as L1 syndrome.  L1 syndrome primarily affects the nervous system impacting Fitz’s ability to use his hands the same way most children do, his ability to walk and his speech.

The MARS/WARS team leaders met with Fitz’s parents and his therapist to create a plan to modify an electric car that would help Fitz work on motor skill tasks while allowing his family to also join in the fun by using a remote control to steer the car.  The team designed buttons that would allow Fitz to play music, control lights and shoot stress balls from a special shooter that they designed and installed on the car.  These actions will help Fitz with improving his motor skills.  In addition to the special features designed for Fitz to use, the team was also able to install a special seat mount that allowed for a specially designed seat to be easily installed and removed from the car. 

After several meetings and hundreds of hours of student time, the MARS/WARS team was ready for the grand unveiling during the pregame festivities at the Metamora Football game where local heroes were being recognized for serving their community.

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