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Build Season 2024

In CRESCENDO presented by Haas, FIRST© Robotics Competition teams will use their STEM skills and creative power to turn up the volume as they design, build, and program their robots for action-packed game play. Watch the game animation to inspire ideas.

Starry Sky_edited.jpg

Week 1

With the exciting debut of the 2024 FIRST game "Crescendo", MARS/WARS is ready to CRESCEN-DO our best this season! Post-kickoff the team immediately started game strategizing and prototyping robot designs.  This season, MARS/WARS is trying something new and giving the parents an opportunity to build our field.  Due to this immense help, our field was able to be completed nearly two weeks faster than last years season.  We are so grateful for the hard work our MARS/WARS parents are willing to contribute for the success of the team!  This week MARS/WARS' different sub teams were assigned to brainstorm different modeling ideas for our AlphaBot (competition bot).  The sub teams prepared their first iteration designs and they were presented to the team to start off Saturday's practice.  Meanwhile the business services sub team has been busily working on setting up fundraisers for the season.  

Week 2

The team has started manufacturing the frame and is almost completed modeling the robot.  The different sub teams were excited to share this weeks accomplishments.  Sub team 1 (climber focus) has manufactured hook prototypes for climbing on the chain during end game.  Sub team 2 (drivetrain/frame focus) worked on designing a frame structure, assembling swerve modules for the competition bot and JV bots, and began machining the frame components for the competition bot using Fusion with the CNC machine.  Sub team 3 (pickup/shooter focus) modeled several shooter prototypes and indexing concepts for getting the notes from the pickup to the shooter.  Sub team 4 (trap/amp focus) worked on a device to score in either location.  This Saturday our programmers attended a session to help insure basic understanding of Java and robot programming.  Then they worked on subsystem flow diagrams.  Our junior varsity team has been working on replicating a robot in 3 days robot on one of our existing practice swerve frames.  Business Services has continued work on this year's fundraisers, a Pre-CIR Social event and planning for the 8th Grade Activity Fair coming up the end of the month.

Week 3

With a successful first 3 weeks, MARS/WARS has been quickly and efficiently progressing further with our AlphaBot! Sub Team 1 (climber) has been working out the modeled winch design for our AlphaBot, as well as putting together motors for the pick up and shooter.  Sub Team 2 (drivetrain/frame) has been busy working on the overall framework of our AlphaBot, successfully installed the bumper,  put swerves on the frame, and effectively made and installed the belly pan.  Sub Team 3 (pickup/shooter) started the assembly of AlphaBot's shooter,  added finishing touches on the pickup mechanism, have thus far finished the intake prototype, and are currently creating a plan for the mount.  Sub Team 4 (trap/amp) discussed a design for the elevator mechanism is working on the AlphaBots' shooter or "mailman", designing the hard stops, added spring mechanics, created side plates, adjoined gears for the AlphaBots shooter, and finally added a working limit switch.  The JV team has also been busing designing their bot, working through issues with space claim and ensuring that all pieces would fit on the frame as they wanted.  Lastly Business Services has been busily preparing for our annual Activity Fair, finalizing the design for our yearly fun shirt, planning our upcoming Trivia Night, and attended a special MARS/WARS fundraiser held by Snyder Village.     

Week 4

Halfway through the build season, and MARS/WARS has already made fantastic progress!  Thus far, Sub Team 1 (climber)  has already begun manufacturing the winch system for the AlphaBot.  Meanwhile Sub Team 2 (drivetrain/ frame), has been diligently working on installing the Kraken motors for the swerves, made the AlphaBot scale, has started working on the bumpers, and Programming has begun automating match functions.  Next, Sub Team 3 (pickup/ shooter) has been making improvements to the AlphaBot's intakes, made modifications to the bumper, started on mounting the shooter stand to the AlphaBot, and have been preparing to cut out the final belly plate.  Then Sub Team 4 (trap/amp), has been working on finalizing the fusion for the elevator and overall have been manufacturing the needed parts.  The strategy team are working on the scouting app and setting up tablets.  Business Services has finalized the fun shirt design and has been busy coordinating the Pre-CIR Social and working on Trivia night.  Lastly, Junior Varsity has been finalizing the model for their shooter.       

Week 5

As the end of build season grows closer, the team has been carefully critiquing and perfecting our AlphaBot for the upcoming competitions!  Currently Sub Team 1 (climber) has fully modeled and finished machining the winch system and has been working on getting our new batteries ready and tested.  Sub Team 2 (drive train/ frame) began machining final parts for the competition bot that can be powdercoated.  Sub Team 3 (pickup/ shooter) has been working through wire management for the AlphaBot and the finalizing intake and shooter parts.  Sub Team 4 (trap/ amp) has been finishing up smoothing out amp/trap scoring implement designs and focusing on iteration and testing.  Business Services has been busy working on the preparations for the open house on March 2nd, preparing the print and video media that you will see as well as continuing to secure sponsors.  MARS/WARS' excitement is building for the upcoming weeks!

Week 6

Within six weeks, MARS/WARS has made incredible progression in building our AlphaBot!  Thus far, JV has been completing the climber sticks for the JV bot, and the shooter assembly for their bot.  Next our 1st Sub Team has been focusing on completing two or more winch models, one hook model, and then building those parts!  As of right now Sub Team 2 has been working on the frame for the game bot , and wiring up the mailman.  Next, Sub Team 3 has been working on shooter side plates and as well as a backup shooter. JV 4 has been rebuilding the intake on the JV bot, and began programming basic controls. Meanwhile, Sub Team 4 has been working towards milling/cutting new pickup parts, redesigning / programming, and the mailman.  Programming has been busily working on note sensor programming and robot function automation and optimization. Lastly Business Services has been preparing for our upcoming  Trivia Night, our Impact presentation video, competition trophies, and has calculated the total hours our MARS/WARS kids have put in this season and it has totaled up to a whopping 1,000 hours!! Great job team!  We are so proud.  

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