Metamora Area FIRST Robotics Team
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In 2020, Metamora Township High School built a new wing of the school for all the CTE classes. With the moving of some classes, the robotics team was lucky enough to get all new space. We now have space for an entire field to practice on. Some of our mentors, who are teachers, moved to new rooms, that are closer together, which gives our team a better opportunity to move around and "social distance."



Waka Waka Q_bert Blocka Cubaccasaurus
Blood Sweat Gears
Sir Twerve 'alot


As the 2010-2011 school year began, a number of students, faculty, and community members expressed interest in a FIRST Robotics team being hosted at Metamora Township High School. As a result, MTHS investigated the possibility of bringing the program to the school. In the fall of 2010, a FIRST Robotics team at MTHS was just a dream, but Mr. Joe Bachman was determined to make a reality. After a year of extensive research, speeches to school board members, and collaboration with other area FIRST teams, the Metamora/Woodford Area Robotics team was born.





  • 2022 Wildcard Winner St. Louis Regional 

  • 2022 Finalists St. Louis Regional 

  • 2022 Innovation In Control Award

  • 2022 Team Spirit Award 

  • 2021 Winner Gateway Robotics Challenge

  • 2021 Finalist Infinite Recharge at Home - Calcium Group 

  • 2019 Wildcard Winner Central Illinois Regional 

  • 2019 Excellence in Engineering Award Central Illinois Regional 

  • 2017 Regional Winners Central Illinois Regional

  • 2017 Innovation in Control Award Central Illinois Regional

  • 2017 Creativity Award St Louis Regional

  • 2016 Excellence in Engineering Award Midwest Regional

  • 2016 Excellence in Engineering Award Central Illinois Regional

  • 2015 FIRST World Championship Rank 10 Curie Division

  • 2015 Regional Winners Midwest Regional

  • 2015 Excellence in Engineering Award Central Illinois Regional

  • 2015 Regional Finalists Central Illinois Regional

  • 2015 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award (John Johnson) Central Illinois Regional

  • 2014 Judges Award Wisconsin Regional

  • 2014 Judges Award Central Illinois Regional

  • 2014 Finalist in the Central Illinois Regional

  • 2013 Judges Award Crossroads Regional

  • 2012 FIRST World Championship (finalist in the Archimedes Division)

  • 2012 Rookie Highest Seed Wisconsin Regional

  • 2012 Rookie All-Star Wisconsin Regional


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