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FIRST Robotics at MTHS

Metamora/Woodford Area Robotics Students (MARS/WARS) Team 4143 is a FIRST robotics team based out of Metamora, Illinois. The team is in its fifth year since its founding. The team competes competitively in FIRST Robotics sanction regionals, as well as in off season competitions. Previous accomplishments include:

  • 2019 Wildcard Winner Central Illinois Regional
  • 2019 Excellence in Engineering Award Central Illinois Regional
  • 2017 Regional Winners Central Illinois Regional
  • 2017 Innovation in Control Award Central Illinois Regional
  • 2017 Creativity Award St Louis Regional
  • 2016 Excellence in Engineering Award Midwest Regional
  • 2016 Excellence in Engineering Award Central Illinois Regional
  • 2015 FIRST World Championship Rank 10 Curie Division
  • 2015 Regional Winners Midwest Regional
  • 2015 Excellence in Engineering Award Central Illinois Regional
  • 2015 Regional Finalists Central Illinois Regional
  • 2015 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award (John Johnson) Central Illinois Regional
  • 2014 Judges Award Wisconsin Regional
  • 2014 Judges Award Central Illinois Regional
  • 2014 Finalist in the Central Illinois Regional
  • 2013 Judges Award Crossroads Regional
  • 2012 FIRST World Championship (finalist in the Archimedes Division)
  • 2012 Rookie Highest Seed Wisconsin Regional
  • 2012  Rookie All-Star Wisconsin Regional

The vision of MARS/WARS is to inspire tomorrow’s innovators through technology, competition, and service. This vision extends beyond the competitive build season, as team members are imparted with knowledge and skills that will benefit in their professional careers. A quintessential value of the team is the promotion of education in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) and team members as well as individuals of the community are encourage to pursue careers in the STEM field.