Gateway Challenge in St. Louis

M/W had another great showing at one of these off-season competitions and we had some students in some new roles down in the trenches get some great experience. Now they need to share that experience with their teammates as they work through this fall and then the FIRST competition season to stress the importance of preparation and leverage those cool ideas other teams have to make these competitions a great experience. Congratulations to Roboteers for (another) win in an exciting finals match.
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Taking the next season to a whole new level

Great News – Mr. Shoff is making a CNC Mill available to the team. For now this will be down at the practice field. It starts with a model, so modelers get busy!

Readying the test swerve drive for the Washington team and the Gateway Robotics Challenge

Test Swerve Gears

How many times can a Phoenix arise from the ashes ?

We have yet another Phoenix rebuild complete. Another excellent effort put into re-working the Phoenix and frame components to get the robot back in working order for the next competition in September. We had the front upper frame structure (“field goal”) sheered off over a couple elimination round matches while at the Rockford competition in July. This past Saturday, we had some students come in to work on some programming and rebuilding the damaged framework on the Phoenix. Added several plugs to some weak points and several students got to work on the mills, one for the first time.

Phoenix rebuild

4143 roboRio expansion card prototypes ordered

In preparation for the new NI roboRIO for use in the 2015 FRC season, M/W is working on an expansion card to supplement the new NI roboRIO. The next generation in student robotics controllers will be replacing the current cRIO in use with FRC. This device is designed specifically with FIRST in mind. It’s more powerful, lighter, and smaller than the previous cRIO. Check out the NI roboRIO details and specifications - here

FIRST will be selecting Beta teams to test the 2015 control system in summer of 2014.
Follow the discussion on the M/W expansion card on Chief Delphi - here


WI Regional Mission Complete – Great Job!

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

FIRST Robotics at MTHS

Three years ago, a number of students, faculty, and community members expressed interest in a FIRST Robotics team to be hosted at Metamora Township High School. As a result, MTHS investigated the possibility of bringing the program to the school. In the fall of 2010, a FIRST Robotics team at MTHS was just a dream, but  Mr. Joe Bachman was determined to make a reality. After a year of extensive research, speeches to school board members, and collaboration with other area FIRST teams, the Metamora/Washington Area Robotics team was born.

With the support of the administration at MTHS, generous donations from sponsors, and daily contributions from mentors and students, MARS/WARS successfully built and tested its very first robot.  If you are interested in discovering more about MARS/WARS FIRST Robotics or would like to find out more about how you could support the program, please contact Joe Bachman through the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page.

 Benefits of FIRST Robotics:

There are over $16 million of national and local scholarships available to students who participate in FIRST Robotics. For example, Bradley University offers up to four $2,500 renewable scholarships to FIRST participants. It’s fun! It’s not every day that a person has the opportunity to build such a sophisticated device. Students involved in FIRST Robotics participate in sub-teams such as Electrical, Programming, Mechanical, and Web Design. Through FIRST, students learn time management, social skills, leadership, and teamwork abilities that employers desire of their employees.

What is FIRST Robotics?

FIRST Robotics is a worldwide event where students build a robot to compete in a competition each year. Regional competitions are held in locations such as Chicago, Purdue University, and Milwaukee.