Are you Interested in Robotics?

Are you interested in joining the MTHS Robotics team? We have several different "subteams" that appeal to all different types of people. No matter your strengths or experience, MTHS Robotics has a place for you!

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About Us

Our categories consist of Modeling (design), Mechanical (construction), Electrical (wiring/motors), Programming (coding), and Marketing (communication/fundraising).  All categories work together to design/build/program/promote a robot to compete in the FIRST competition challenge each year.  The team competes with/against other regional teams for an entry into the Championship event where we then compete with/against teams from around the world.

During the season, meeting times are Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays 4-6 or 6-8, and Saturdays are 9-2 (Mandatory). Days/Times are able to be requested on the application and usually are accepted, but are not guaranteed.  Seasons run from the beginning of January through April. There is also a required preseason at the end of November though the middle of December.

As a team, we use a communication app called Slack (MarsWars) to communicate, schedule practices, send applications, and to share information.  To join slack contact Mr. Stoecker. 


If any of these areas interest you, contact Mr. Stoecker or Mr. Ballard for more information. Applications will be available the second week of October.


Mr. Stoecker:

Mr. Ballard: