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Build Sessions – Week 1, Part 2

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday, January 10, was MARS/WARS’s first full-day build session of the season. The modeling team has completed some of the prototypes for the robot and the mechanical team has already begun to construct several of them. The team hopes to complete these quickly so that they can be tested and a final decision regarding robot design and strategy can be made as a team based upon the results. The electrical team continued to make advancements with their construction of the electrical board was well as establish protocols to maintain organization and ensure success. This includes the finalization of organization systems, the development of a battery charging process, and the drafting of wire maps. The programming team used robot builder to set up an example program which can be deployed to the roboRIO and move a servo to two positions. Additionally, the programming team completed the installation of necessary software on all the Caterpillar laptops loaned to the team for the build season.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Despite the cancellation of school due to severe cold, MARS/WARS conducted a regularly scheduled build session on Thursday, January 8. The team finished organizing the tools and storage areas. Construction on the practice field continued as team members began mark field components on the floor, such as the landfill and the autozone. The electrical team began to wire and map the different electrical components of the robot. Prototype modeling was continued and new prototypes were introduced.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Due to a school cancellation on Wednesday, January 7, MARS/WARS was able to conduct an additional build session. Unfortunately, not all sub groups were able to meet due to mentor work schedules and their availability. The modeling team worked to continue designing potential prototypes for the robot, including an mechanism to lift multiple totes and a method to pick up the recycle containers. During this session the mechanical team progressed with their construction of the field components to be used on MARS/WARS’s practice field at Metamora Industries.

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