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2014 Tech Explosion

Summer Tech Camp
Hosted by Mars/Wars FIRST Robotics Team

Click here to see pictures from the summer camp

Date: July 7-11, 2014
Time: 9am to 12pm daily
Location: Metamora High School
Cost: $30

What is Tech Explosion?
Tech Explosion is a week long camp for students going into grade 5, 6,7, 8, or 9. Tech Explosion campers explore science through different experiments, projects, and presentations. Our mission is to inspire grade school students to pursue the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Tech explosion is mainly run by high school students from a FIRST Robotics team. With the high school students leading the campers, we hope to show the young students that STEM fields are not just for adults!

$30 per camper
Money and registration form can be mailed to  MTHS  (101 West Madison Street) by check.  Check can be made out to MTHS with the memo Robotics Summer Camp. Money needs to be turned in by the final registration date, June 25th.

July 7th to 11th from 9am to 12 pm

101 West Madison Street Metamora, IL 61548
Tech Explosion will be held at the Metamora Township High School. Students will be using different parts of the school for different activities. Please drop off your student at the main entrance on West Madison Street. We will meet in the old gym at the beginning and end of the day that way parents can drop off and pick up their student at this place. We will provide posters along the school to show the way to the meeting place.

How many campers will be there?
There is a limited space, only 20 campers will be able to come to this camp. Although, we must have a minimum of 10 kids. If we do not have 10 kids we will let any one who have signed up know and refund them their money. If we reach 20 kids then we will post on our website, if your student signed up after the 20 we will let you know and give you a refund.


What will the students be doing?
The students will be doing a various amount of activities dealing with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. These include: Mento lab, Cornstarch Lab, Egg Drop Experiment, Building a Simple Circuit, Kite Experiment, 3D Design and Print Lab, and Construction of a model rocket.


What clothes should be worn to the camp?
The campers should wear weather appropriate clothes and closed toed shoes. We recommend wearing outfits that are able to get dirty.

Will adults be present?
This camp is made to be a students lead camp, but we will have adult mentors on site of the camp at all time.


Any questions please feel free to email us at

Attached below is the registration form. (Please turn in the form with the registration fee)

Click to download PDF file ->  2014 Summer Camp Registration Form