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Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

 Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

On Wednesday, November 5, MARS/WARS participated  in Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day – an event hosted at Caterpillar.

The focus of Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day was to develop interest in the STEM fields as well as promote education and diversity in these areas. For some girls, the event is of great significance, as they may not have otherwise been exposed to these areas. The event had over 150 participants, consisting of both middle school and high school students as well as teachers and Caterpillar employees.

MARS/WARS’s participation in Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day extended to several aspects of the event. MARS/WARS team members had the opportunity to lead girls during an activity in which they focused on teamwork and cooperation with others. During At the event, a discussion session took place, during which participants had the opportunity to propose questions to a panel of women with exposure to engineering. MAR/WARS team member Jenna Gardner was on this panel, along with other women including a vice president of Caterpillar.

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