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Go-Cart Outreach Project

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Earlier in 2013 MARS/WARS conducted one of their first major outreach projects. Many people are familiar with this project – construction of a Barbie Jeep for a girl called Harper. Harper had a disability that inhibited her from using a regular Power Wheels car. The team believed that this should not prevent Harper from having the opportunity to do so and they went into action. The customized a standard Barbie Jeep in a way such that it would fit the needs of Harper. The Jeep was outfitted with a joystick that resulted in a greater amount of control by Harper. The project was a rewarding experience and the team felt that they should make another. As a result, a second, and similar, project was started. This project was slightly different however, in the fact that a small go-cart was produced. The go-cart was to be for Alex Comacho, age 6. Alex has disabilities that result in vision problems and the inability to walk. Due to the fact that it would be unsafe for Alex to control the vehicle because of his difficulty seeing properly, the go-cart was made with a remote control. The intent of this was for Alex’s brother, Zach to be able to drive Alex’s go-cart for him. Not only does this allow Alex to participate in an enjoyable activity like go-cart riding, but it provided a recreational thing for the brothers to do together. Once the go-cart had been modified so that Zach could drive it, it was customized with flames on its sides as well as personalized plates that had Alex’s name on them. The project turned out to be a major success. When the team presented the go-cart to Alex, he loved it, and both he and his brother had great fun riding/driving it together.