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Gateway Challenge Competition

Saturday September 13, 2014
M/W had another great showing at one of these off-season competitions and we had some students in some new roles down in the trenches get some great experience. Now they need to share that experience with their teammates as they work through this fall and then the FIRST competition season to stress the importance of preparation and leverage those cool ideas other teams have to make these competitions a great experience. Congratulations to Roboteers for (another) win in an exciting finals match.
The team traveled to St Louis for the Gateway Challenge. Ended up 7th seed (9th or later would have actually worked out really well in the format they were using…) We had some robots on our final alliance with some issues but it was a great overall experience. A lot of teams had some new drivers and hopefully it was apparent how very important that people establish and follow a plan on these alliances (for future reference).
2014 R2OC

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