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Draft – 2015 Build Season Team Working Agreement

We have a Mars Wars team which has opportunity throughout approximately 46 weeks during the year in Robotics to participate, go to off-season competitions, etc.

This working agreement is for the team of students selected for the 6 week build season to build the FRC competition robot also known as the Varsity Build Team
This working agreement is owned by that team and will be agreed upon by the entire build season team, if a new team member comes onto the that team, will need to revisit

Working session days/hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6-8pm

      5:45-6:00pm students are expected to be signing in and in their working areas or meeting rooms
      6-8pm working with full mentor involvement

Saturday 9am-3pm

Team Meetings
Startup/Cooldown Meetings – sub-team share efforts

      Saturdays after lunch
      Monday 5:45-6pm

Quick Standup Meeting

    Tuesday and Thursday 6-6:05pm

Asking for parents to signup to provide meals on Saturdays

Expectation while in working session
Responsible phone usage
Knowing what you’re going to work on before you come in
Not on youtube or playing games

Communication about changes in meeting times / snow days / locations
Remind Text
Forum Announcements
Web site parent section

Attendance requirements
Attend 80% of scheduled meetings (attend entire meeting)

Definition of on time
In the meeting room or with your sub-team by stated start time

Track attendance
Sign in Sheet
Sign in before scheduled start time

Forecast absence
Text any know absences to team Voice number with: Absent – Full Name and Date
Enter absence on the team forum under the “Report Meeting Absences [Team Only Access]” forum (must be logged into the forum to see that option under the Administration category)



Track and manage team activities
Manage all team activity in Trello, display on TV in team area

Selected by week 3
Signups by week 2

Fund Raising
Attend a fund raiser event (IGA, etc) or sell 10 bulbs
Participation highly recommended for team members
Participation entitles member to team jacket

Travel to competitions and participate with build team
Meet the 80% attendance requirement (must attend entire session)

Format – student and mentor or board of mentors
Questions: Availability, interests, why do you want to be there

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