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2019 – Build Season – Week 6

Week 6 is almost to an end and the team is very busy. The modelers finished the final touches on their digital representation of our robot, while the electrical team primarily wired up the test robot that is now complete. The mechanical team started working on assembling the competition robot. This included CNC mills, welding, and alternative machinery. Some modelers are working on the robot cradle which holds the robot up on the cart so we are able to easily work on the robot. We finished the practice field and we are ready to start testing our robots. Some of the modelers finished up the final sets of wheels for the robot. MARS/WARS is ready, and excited for the competitions to come.

2019 – Build Season – Week 5

Week 5 has passed us by and the team is as busy as ever! Not including arguments over robot weight and reusing parts, the process has been going smoothly. The modelers are adding the finishing touches on their digital representation of our robot, while electrical mostly wired up the test robot that is currently being built. Mechanical built up the elevator shaft, and the components associated with it. This included using welding, CNC mills, and other machinery. Some of the modelers who didn’t have enough to do also designed some decorative pins for competition. We also decided our mascot needed a touch up, and as such the armour got a repaint and re-spiking. We  continued to develop our practice field by inflating the balls that go with the game. We also constructed our wheels with a Mars Wars copyrighted technique™. The team is all ready, and excited for what’s to come!

2019 – Build Season – Week 4

During week 4, our modelers’ hard work could finally be seen. The arm prototype and lift mechanism both have been completed. Our mechanical team has finished setting up the field with proper dimensions so we can test our designs and programs. The electrical team has also succeeded in all of its battery tests that have taken some time to complete. Climbing to the top stage is considered the hardest part of our design, therefore, requires the most amount of concentration. We are still improving our development on the elevator by adding an interface to it. The arm is our most recent design. We have been trying to come up with a way to design an arm that could operate with ease and perform the task quickly. Once the arm is installed to the rest of the bot we will be able to see the power that is needed to push out the ball into the target area. However, we had to take in account the weight it holds as the center of gravity changes due to the height needed at the time. Many developments are still being made to the robot and we will soon be assembling each individual part together.

2019 – Build Season – Week 3

Week 3 of the robotics build season continued the hands on side of development on the robot. The modeling team continued to revise the elevator as well as start to materialistically create a lot of the essential elevator pieces. Electrical team continued their focus on ensuring and guaranteeing battery functionality before and during competition. The mechanical team finalized the field elements produced and began to preposition the assembled components to have the required room. They also began their work in the machine shop milling and assembling pieces that were needed to be done by hand for both prototype and final uses. Coding continued their development as well, pushing code onto their respective controllers and ensuring their respective functions. They also began to work on controllers for the vision we desire to have during our competitions. As bagging day rapidly approaches, the Mars Wars team continues to develop the robot, we are all hoping for it to fight it’s way into the finals. We will begin preparations to pick the people that will be behind the driver’s station and in the pits while we’re there!

2018 Out of season Gateway competition

2018 Build Season – Week 5

2018 Build Season – Week 5

Strategy has been working on team apparel, such as buttons and t-shirts. They were also working on the match planning excel sheet to update the game for this year. Mechanical has been working on fixing and updating the drive train and the competition bot. They have also been finishing up on the practice bot. A mechanical sub-team has been working on the new electric storage unit. It is almost complete and should be available for use at the competition in St. Louis.

The Modeling team has been creating and continuing to update parts for the competition bot. As well as prototyping on the 3D printer and making prints for mechanical for construct. Electrical was wiring the wheel units this week. They have also been assisting mechanical in the swerve drive modules. At the field we are having parts machined and powder coated for the final robot.

2018 Justin MarsCar

During the off-season, Mars/Wars has once again been dedicating time to working on a MarsCar. This year’s project is a little different from previous years because the young man we are modifying the vehicle for is a bit older than the kids we usually work with. Justin is twelve years old and in sixth grade. He does not have much mobility in his legs, but he is able to use his upper body.

Because he is older, we were able to get some input directly from Justin in regard to what he wanted the vehicle to look like and how he wanted it to perform. We needed to make sure that he could get in and out without too much hassle and that it was safe but still exciting for a twelve-year-old. We decided to use a go-kart frame for the body and use parts from an electric scooter for the brakes and throttle. Recently, we’ve been working on ensuring that the frame is compatible with the electrical parts and figuring out the details of how the vehicle will be powered.

Build Sessions – Week 2, Part 1

 Tuesday, January 13, 2015 

MTCO Communications will be publishing an article written by MARS/WARS team members in the February edition of their Connected magazine. Team 4143 began their build session on Tuesday, January 13, by meeting early to take a group picture for this article. The Mad Hatters, an FLL team sponsored by MARS/WARS, joined the team for this photo. Following the picture the team conducted an activity in which each member stated their favorite FRC. Popular teams included Wave, the Roboteers, Robot Casserole, & Bomb Squad. As the drafting of prototypes approaches its end, the modeling team spent the evening dimensioning and printing their designs to forward for production by the mechanical team. The electrical team built the light control for the robot and the programming team began to program it. In addition to this, the programming team documented the control system connections for the test swerve drive.


Monday, January 12, 2015 

The second week of the competitive build season is underway, and MARS/WARS continues to progress as it conducts its first regular build session of the week on Monday, January 12. Construction of prototypes continue and although none are complete with working motors and programs, team members are already able to manually experiment with parts of incomplete prototypes. The build session came to an exciting close, as the majority of the team gathered around a recycling container to test a mechanism constructed to pick it up. Work within the sub groups was similar to the previous build sessions as the team continues to advance towards the completion of prototyping.