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Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day 10/20/15

MarsWars attended an introduce a girl to engineering day at Caterpillar Incorporated.

Mars/Wars attends Manufacturing Expo 10/21/15

Mars/Wars members attended the Manufacturing Expo at Woodruff High School.

3 Weeks to MarsCar Presentation

Wednesday, January 14, 2014

The MARS/WARS junior varsity team continues to meet as they work on the MarsCar outreach project. They conducted a build session for the vehicle on Wednesday, January 14. The bed on the original gator vehicle is unable to be used due to the fact that it is too large. To resolve this dilemma the team is building a custom bed from wood to install on the vehicle. Fabrication of this bed was continued during this build session. In addition to this, modifications to the original drive train has left the gator with a large turning radius. The team also spent this build session working to adjust the steering components of the vehicle and enable it to make sharper turns.


Critter Visits Quest Academy

 Thursday November 20

Critter, the Mars/Wars 2012 basketball robot, made a visit to Quest Academy in a week long event in support of promoting STEM and the connection with the arts.

It was Science week at Quest, all the Freshmen and Sophomores spent the week learning about arts and sciences. The Caterpillar volunteers and the school faculty were also very impressed with the robot and information.

Check out the full article at the Peoria Journal Star – Click Here

Practice Field

FIRST President Visits Caterpillar Tech Center in Mossville

Tuesday November 11 , 2014

This Tuesday the FIRST President, Dave E. Bossi, spoke to several FIRST groups at the Cat Tech Center in Mossville.

Bossi presented a video and several statistics showing the benefits joining FIRST Robotics can offer young, aspiring Engineers.

The teams, including Mars Wars, presented their competing robots from last season to the various employees of the facility.

The Mars Wars team also participated in a demonstration of “The Cave”, an interactive Holographic Program that allows Cat to detect design flaws before the design goes into production.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

 Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

On Wednesday, November 5, MARS/WARS participated  in Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day – an event hosted at Caterpillar.

The focus of Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day was to develop interest in the STEM fields as well as promote education and diversity in these areas. For some girls, the event is of great significance, as they may not have otherwise been exposed to these areas. The event had over 150 participants, consisting of both middle school and high school students as well as teachers and Caterpillar employees.

MARS/WARS’s participation in Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day extended to several aspects of the event. MARS/WARS team members had the opportunity to lead girls during an activity in which they focused on teamwork and cooperation with others. During At the event, a discussion session took place, during which participants had the opportunity to propose questions to a panel of women with exposure to engineering. MAR/WARS team member Jenna Gardner was on this panel, along with other women including a vice president of Caterpillar.

Team Meeting 11/4

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

The Mars Wars team continued to work on their various projects that they had started.

Notably, the MarsCars team continued to work on building the car for Ethan.

The car has a specialized seat for Ethan to sit on, and the crew is planning on installing a dashboard with lights for Ethan to use.

The programming team programmed for the Basketball robot and the Frisbee shooter, while the modeling team started a new project.


Manufacturing Expo 10/21

 October 21 , 2014

On Tuesday the Mars Wars team visited the 2014 manufacturing Expo in

While there, the Team demonstrated the phoenix robot.

Other teams that were there include Icarus, Robot Casserole, Roboteers.

Raising Money for Easter Seals 10/17

Friday October 17 , 2014

The week of October, 17th the Mars Wars team collected money for Easter Seals.

pie throwing


Six teachers from MTHS volunteered to have pies thrown at them via the Phoenix. The contestants were:

Ms. Wainman

Mrs. McCormick

Mr. Weyneth

Mrs. Sudbrink

Mr. Robertson

Mr. Stoecker

Students voted for which teacher they wanted by donating money into a can with their teacher’s name on it. The teacher with the most votes was Mr. Stoecker.


In the end, MarsWars raised $504.02. Mr. Stoecker received his pie in the face during halftime of the football game on Friday.

As a bonus, the Phoenix  successfully threw the game ball to the ref to start off the game.

Caterpillar Robotics Fair

Monday October 13, 2014
5 team members attended a Caterpillar FIRST robotics fair in Mossville, IL. The team had 2 robots, a 3D printer, CAD models, Barbie car and videos on display. There were several FRC, FTC and FLL teams attending. MarsWars members also got a tour of the Caterpillar Technical Center following the fair.