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MarsWars gears up for Gateway competition



Since the start of their fall off season, MarsWars have been preparing for Gateway.


Right now, the team is training new members to drive the Stackasaurus as well as teaching them the rules of Recycle Rush.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

 Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

On Wednesday, November 5, MARS/WARS participated  in Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day – an event hosted at Caterpillar.

The focus of Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day was to develop interest in the STEM fields as well as promote education and diversity in these areas. For some girls, the event is of great significance, as they may not have otherwise been exposed to these areas. The event had over 150 participants, consisting of both middle school and high school students as well as teachers and Caterpillar employees.

MARS/WARS’s participation in Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day extended to several aspects of the event. MARS/WARS team members had the opportunity to lead girls during an activity in which they focused on teamwork and cooperation with others. During At the event, a discussion session took place, during which participants had the opportunity to propose questions to a panel of women with exposure to engineering. MAR/WARS team member Jenna Gardner was on this panel, along with other women including a vice president of Caterpillar.

CNC Mill Available to Team

Taking the next season to a whole new level

Great News – Mr. Shoff is making a CNC Mill available to the team. For now this will be down at the practice field. It starts with a model, so modelers get busy!

How many times can a Phoenix arise from the ashes ?

We have yet another Phoenix rebuild complete. Another excellent effort put into re-working the Phoenix and frame components to get the robot back in working order for the next competition in September. We had the front upper frame structure (“field goal”) sheered off over a couple elimination round matches while at the Rockford competition in July. This past Saturday, we had some students come in to work on some programming and rebuilding the damaged framework on the Phoenix. Added several plugs to some weak points and several students got to work on the mills, one for the first time.

Phoenix rebuild

roboRio Expansion Card Prototype

In preparation for the new NI roboRIO for use in the 2015 FRC season, M/W is working on an expansion card to supplement the new NI roboRIO. The next generation in student robotics controllers will be replacing the current cRIO in use with FRC. This device is designed specifically with FIRST in mind. It’s more powerful, lighter, and smaller than the previous cRIO. Check out the NI roboRIO details and specifications – here

FIRST will be selecting Beta teams to test the 2015 control system in summer of 2014.
Follow the discussion on the M/W expansion card on Chief Delphi – here