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2019 Regionals

In 2019 we attended the St. Louis Regional and the Central Illinois Regional.

St. Louis Regional Deep Space

While in St. Louis we ended up being the 7th ranked team. We were the 1st pick of Alliance 4 but unfortunately we were eliminated in the Semifinals.

CIR Regional
Receiving the Excellence in Engineering Award

CIR proved to be a very rewarding regional. Overall we ended up as the 2nd ranked team. We were the captain of Alliance 2 and picked Team 5442 Mechanical Monarchy and Team 4256 Cyborg Cats to compete with us. Unfortunately we were eliminated in the Finals. Although as luck would have it we received the Wildcard and are heading to the Championships in Detroit. We also received the Excellence in Engineering Award.

2017 Regionals

The Mars Wars robotics team competed in two FRC regionals, the Central Illinois Regional and S.t Louis.

Our St. Louis regional came first on week 2. This regional consisted of a lot of testing on the robot itself along with practice for our drive team. There was a total of 52 teams with the winning alliance captain being team 1732 the Hilltoppers. We fought hard and made it into the elimination rounds after rising from low in the rankings. Being picked by the number 3 alliance put us on a team with team 3284, Camdenton 4H LASER 3284 and team 5147, the Hornets. Together we fought our way to the semifinals in which we lost the 3rd match, after losing one of our alliance’s robots along with our team’s climber. During the award ceremony, we were given the Creativity Award for our “Pizza Gear” which load balls into our shooter.

The Central Illinois Regional regional was much more exciting. After 2 long days of Qualification matches, we were placed second in rank, out of 40 teams, with a total of 9 wins and one loss, one of those wins in which we stopped the number one ranked seat, team 2481, the Roboteers, from going undefeated. We were asked to join the number 1 alliance in which we accepted, pairing us with team 2481, the Roboteers, and team 2220, Blue Twilight. We fought hard through the elimination matches, even setting a week 3 world penalty free high score, 506 points. Together our alliance won the regional and got our ticket to worlds, along with a shiny medal. During the award ceremony, we were given the Innovation in Control Award for our “Pizza Gear” which load balls into our shooter.


As we prepare for Worlds we would like to thank our sponsors for making this possible.

Click here to view our standings as well as videos of our matches and here to view images from our competitions.


The 2017 Build Season is Here!


This season of First Robotics is going to be a good one. The kickoff that our team held was a great experience for the newcomers to the team, as well as a lot of fun for previous members. The game ( this year looks like a real challenge and Mars Wars can’t wait to show other teams our skills.  Before the event, we began with a game that has grown custom to the Kickoff events “Wackoo.” A game to help others learn the names and faces of their teammates.  Breakfast was served by Mrs. Stoecker and we are grateful. Afterward, we sat down and began to watch the reveal video. We printed off the rule book of the game and separated into different tables, each a different section of the rule book. While one senior member stayed at each table others switched every ten minutes to help circulate ideas. We then had a fantastic lunch Supplied by the Matthews and Ms. Johnson which we thank them for very much. Now that we had full a stomach it was time to let the planning begin. We separated into tables once again, this time with a whiteboard and dry erase marker, to create a rough design for a robot. The groups worked on their unique design and then presented them to the rest of the team to allow their ideas to spread and spark new ones. With Build Season Week One in progress, there are plenty of those ideas in use. Can’t wait to get started building prototypes and getting a feel for the robot for this year’s competition First Steamworks!

Build Season Week 6


The last week of the build season was a busy one as Mars Wars worked day and night to finish their robot.



Many hurdles were overcome, and the team had to put their heads together to solve some unforeseen issues.


Ultimately, the robot was successfully completed. In addition to completing the robot, Mars Wars completed their strategy playbook and continued work on the Mars Cars project.


Build Season Week 5

The penultimate week of the build season saw MARS/WARS members busier than ever before.


Members from all sub teams spend copious amounts of time assembling both the practice and competition robot. The team decided to assemble the practice robot first, so they could work out the kinks in the design.


Meanwhile, the strategy team started hashing out a process to select this year’s drive team. The criteria and requirements were developed by the strategy team, and a driver’s test is currently being created.


The team also began to survey the team members to evaluate what role each member will play during the competitions.

With only one week left in the build season, MARSWARS is going full steam ahead.

Build Season Week 4

This week marked MarsWars and other FIRST teams passing the halfway mark in their build seasons. As pone can imagine, this was the busiest week yet.

team standard

The modeling team worked on designing different methods for climbing the tower. These methods will be tested before the final one is ultimately chosen.


Members of the mechanical team worked on assembling the bumpers for the robot. Other team members worked on the tank swerve drive.


The programming team programmed the encoders and the swerve tank drive drive and the worked on the camera. They also programmed the pnuematics for the pick up, as well as programming the arm.

The strategy team, meanwhile, discussed different methods for collecting data during the competitions.


The electrical team worked on wiring the electrical board for the robot.

Build Season Week 3

During the third week of their build season, MarsWars accomplished several important goals.


The biggest accomplishment was testing the accuracy and efficiency of the shooter, taking the successes and failures of said tests into account to start work on the final version. The team tested the accuracy by shooting 10 boulders and comparing the proximity of the spots where each landed.


The Electrical team continued work on the MarsCars and began working on the electrical board for the robot. Meanwhile the modeling team finished the final tweaks to the design.
The team also finished the practice tower, complete with tracking tape and a brick themed paint job. Then they practiced shooting boulders into the goals, taking note of the shooting angles that were most effective.


Build Season Week 2

week 2 headline photo

While the first week was spent brainstorming and refining ideas, Mars Wars has spent their second week turning those ideas into a reality.

mars wars week two picture 2

The electrical team worked on deciding which batteries are still usable. On top of that, they also completed the electrical circuits for this years Mars Cars project.

The modeling team had been working on designing the frame and the shooter of the robot.
Mars Wars week 2 3

The Mechanical team is finishing work on the castle and other field pieces that will e used to practice once the robot is completed.

The programming team finished working on the shooter and are currently working on the drive train.

Headline for real

The Strategy team has been spending time looking at topics on Chief Delphi and the FIRST Q and A in order to accumulate a variety of ideas that could come in handy. They also taught their members how to use the CNC Milling machine.

Build Season Week One

This week, along with the rest of the FIRST community, Mars/Wars began the build season, working on a potential robot to compete in the Stronghold competition. After discussing broad ideas during the kickoff event, the team got to work logistically comparing alternative paths for the robot to take.

Members of the team also began construction of a practice field and the outer works that accompany it to use once the robot is complete. Mars Wars intends to construct a complete metal tower. The modeling team got to work designing the first prototype robot. The Electrical team worked on familiarizing themselves with the new motors and tested the batteries. The Programming team began updating laptops with new software. On a whole, it has been a very productive first week for the MarsWars team.

Mars/Wars at Gateway October 2015

Several Mars/Wars members went to Gateway in St. Louis.


They ended up winning second place in their alliance.


Gateway was a good opportunity to expose new members to the competition world.