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2019 Regionals

In 2019 we attended the St. Louis Regional and the Central Illinois Regional.

St. Louis Regional Deep Space

While in St. Louis we ended up being the 7th ranked team. We were the 1st pick of Alliance 4 but unfortunately we were eliminated in the Semifinals.

CIR Regional
Receiving the Excellence in Engineering Award

CIR proved to be a very rewarding regional. Overall we ended up as the 2nd ranked team. We were the captain of Alliance 2 and picked Team 5442 Mechanical Monarchy and Team 4256 Cyborg Cats to compete with us. Unfortunately we were eliminated in the Finals. Although as luck would have it we received the Wildcard and are heading to the Championships in Detroit. We also received the Excellence in Engineering Award.

2017 Regionals

The Mars Wars robotics team competed in two FRC regionals, the Central Illinois Regional and S.t Louis.

Our St. Louis regional came first on week 2. This regional consisted of a lot of testing on the robot itself along with practice for our drive team. There was a total of 52 teams with the winning alliance captain being team 1732 the Hilltoppers. We fought hard and made it into the elimination rounds after rising from low in the rankings. Being picked by the number 3 alliance put us on a team with team 3284, Camdenton 4H LASER 3284 and team 5147, the Hornets. Together we fought our way to the semifinals in which we lost the 3rd match, after losing one of our alliance’s robots along with our team’s climber. During the award ceremony, we were given the Creativity Award for our “Pizza Gear” which load balls into our shooter.

The Central Illinois Regional regional was much more exciting. After 2 long days of Qualification matches, we were placed second in rank, out of 40 teams, with a total of 9 wins and one loss, one of those wins in which we stopped the number one ranked seat, team 2481, the Roboteers, from going undefeated. We were asked to join the number 1 alliance in which we accepted, pairing us with team 2481, the Roboteers, and team 2220, Blue Twilight. We fought hard through the elimination matches, even setting a week 3 world penalty free high score, 506 points. Together our alliance won the regional and got our ticket to worlds, along with a shiny medal. During the award ceremony, we were given the Innovation in Control Award for our “Pizza Gear” which load balls into our shooter.


As we prepare for Worlds we would like to thank our sponsors for making this possible.

Click here to view our standings as well as videos of our matches and here to view images from our competitions.


Mars/Wars at Gateway October 2015

Several Mars/Wars members went to Gateway in St. Louis.


They ended up winning second place in their alliance.


Gateway was a good opportunity to expose new members to the competition world.

MarsWars gears up for Gateway competition



Since the start of their fall off season, MarsWars have been preparing for Gateway.


Right now, the team is training new members to drive the Stackasaurus as well as teaching them the rules of Recycle Rush.

Mars/Wars road to the World Championship

MarsWars made it to the Regional finals with Duluth Daredevils and Techno Ferrets.

MarsWars was the fourth seed and captain of the winning alliance. This was MarsWars regional championship.

St Louis
800 teams from all over the world were in St. Louis for the FIRST World Championship. Mars Wars was is Curie Division and made it to the semi-finals of said division.

Competition Preparation

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Since Bag & Tag, MARS/WARS has been hard at work preparing for both our competitions. The team will be using a different pit structure this year and students are currently working on its construction. The new pit will provide a more professional setting from which ambassadors can convey the work of MARS/WARS to judges, other teams, and guests. Additionally, the pit is designed to be a more convenient workplace with space effective storage. Since the six week build season, the team has fabricated a replica of our competition robot and the drivers have been practicing strategies to utilize in competition. Finally, MARS/WARS team members have been working on the development of marketing materials for the regionals including buttons, judges books, trading cards, videos, and statistical fliers. The competitions are quickly approaching and MARS/WARS is excited to see what they each have in store.

Gateway Challenge Competition

Saturday September 13, 2014
M/W had another great showing at one of these off-season competitions and we had some students in some new roles down in the trenches get some great experience. Now they need to share that experience with their teammates as they work through this fall and then the FIRST competition season to stress the importance of preparation and leverage those cool ideas other teams have to make these competitions a great experience. Congratulations to Roboteers for (another) win in an exciting finals match.
The team traveled to St Louis for the Gateway Challenge. Ended up 7th seed (9th or later would have actually worked out really well in the format they were using…) We had some robots on our final alliance with some issues but it was a great overall experience. A lot of teams had some new drivers and hopefully it was apparent how very important that people establish and follow a plan on these alliances (for future reference).
2014 R2OC

Prep for Gateway Challenge

Saturday September 6, 2014
We tested the new (bigger) white bus for fit on loading the phoenix fo transport, its good! Washington team members stopped by to measure the test swerve for bumper fitting. We fitted up the new printed gears on the test swerve, just need a couple more parts printed and it can be tested with the new slip rings. Phoenix has a dragging electronics pan in the front (due to wheels wearing down), we can order new wheels to fix that up or raise the pan.
Test Swerve Gears

Gateway Challenge Driver Training

Thursday September 4, 2014
Driver training for Gateway competition coming up on Sept 13

Prep for Gateway Challenge

Thursday September 11, 2014
The Gateway Challenge team (Metamora and Washington) worked on prepping the test swerve for competition and collecting up all the equipment for the competition on Saturday. Phoenix is ready to go (we just had to re-wire in a signal light), a little confusing when there isn’t a backlog of items to fix on it, but we have been working on it the last couple weeks. Everything for the pit is piled up by the door ready to be loaded.