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2017 Build Season Week 2

The second week we began the prototype testing. In the video shown below you can see a test of our shooter. Below are the finished products of the mechanical’s team elements, such as the boiler and the hopper. The electrical sub team finished the Mars Car for Maggie and had her come a make sure it was fit to her needs for the official reveal at the open house. They also created a test board and created an inventory of this years electrical components. The programming team spent this week updating the firmware on the control system components as well as working on a test climb with last years robot, Sir Twerve a’lot. The climb testes involved many loud crashes cause by the robot falling to the floor. The modeling team created a more official design of the robot and made a better foundation of the robots function.

2017 Build Season Week 1

This build season we started strong, the programming team started with the tedious task of uploading the new software in order to be able to run this years robot. Meanwhile the mechanical team was hard at work constructing the field elements and prototypes. The strategy team, well they did planning (see picture below to understand). The electrical team worked on completing the Mars Car and preparing for the reveal at the open house. The most important team at this phase would be the modeling team. They worked hard on producing a accurate model to base to robot after. Several ideas were thrown around and a design was decided and began production.

Build Season Week 6


The last week of the build season was a busy one as Mars Wars worked day and night to finish their robot.



Many hurdles were overcome, and the team had to put their heads together to solve some unforeseen issues.


Ultimately, the robot was successfully completed. In addition to completing the robot, Mars Wars completed their strategy playbook and continued work on the Mars Cars project.


Build Season Week 5

The penultimate week of the build season saw MARS/WARS members busier than ever before.


Members from all sub teams spend copious amounts of time assembling both the practice and competition robot. The team decided to assemble the practice robot first, so they could work out the kinks in the design.


Meanwhile, the strategy team started hashing out a process to select this year’s drive team. The criteria and requirements were developed by the strategy team, and a driver’s test is currently being created.


The team also began to survey the team members to evaluate what role each member will play during the competitions.

With only one week left in the build season, MARSWARS is going full steam ahead.

Build Season Week 4

This week marked MarsWars and other FIRST teams passing the halfway mark in their build seasons. As pone can imagine, this was the busiest week yet.

team standard

The modeling team worked on designing different methods for climbing the tower. These methods will be tested before the final one is ultimately chosen.


Members of the mechanical team worked on assembling the bumpers for the robot. Other team members worked on the tank swerve drive.


The programming team programmed the encoders and the swerve tank drive drive and the worked on the camera. They also programmed the pnuematics for the pick up, as well as programming the arm.

The strategy team, meanwhile, discussed different methods for collecting data during the competitions.


The electrical team worked on wiring the electrical board for the robot.

Build Season Week 3

During the third week of their build season, MarsWars accomplished several important goals.


The biggest accomplishment was testing the accuracy and efficiency of the shooter, taking the successes and failures of said tests into account to start work on the final version. The team tested the accuracy by shooting 10 boulders and comparing the proximity of the spots where each landed.


The Electrical team continued work on the MarsCars and began working on the electrical board for the robot. Meanwhile the modeling team finished the final tweaks to the design.
The team also finished the practice tower, complete with tracking tape and a brick themed paint job. Then they practiced shooting boulders into the goals, taking note of the shooting angles that were most effective.


Build Season Week 2

week 2 headline photo

While the first week was spent brainstorming and refining ideas, Mars Wars has spent their second week turning those ideas into a reality.

mars wars week two picture 2

The electrical team worked on deciding which batteries are still usable. On top of that, they also completed the electrical circuits for this years Mars Cars project.

The modeling team had been working on designing the frame and the shooter of the robot.
Mars Wars week 2 3

The Mechanical team is finishing work on the castle and other field pieces that will e used to practice once the robot is completed.

The programming team finished working on the shooter and are currently working on the drive train.

Headline for real

The Strategy team has been spending time looking at topics on Chief Delphi and the FIRST Q and A in order to accumulate a variety of ideas that could come in handy. They also taught their members how to use the CNC Milling machine.

Build Season Week One

This week, along with the rest of the FIRST community, Mars/Wars began the build season, working on a potential robot to compete in the Stronghold competition. After discussing broad ideas during the kickoff event, the team got to work logistically comparing alternative paths for the robot to take.

Members of the team also began construction of a practice field and the outer works that accompany it to use once the robot is complete. Mars Wars intends to construct a complete metal tower. The modeling team got to work designing the first prototype robot. The Electrical team worked on familiarizing themselves with the new motors and tested the batteries. The Programming team began updating laptops with new software. On a whole, it has been a very productive first week for the MarsWars team.

Competition Preparation

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Since Bag & Tag, MARS/WARS has been hard at work preparing for both our competitions. The team will be using a different pit structure this year and students are currently working on its construction. The new pit will provide a more professional setting from which ambassadors can convey the work of MARS/WARS to judges, other teams, and guests. Additionally, the pit is designed to be a more convenient workplace with space effective storage. Since the six week build season, the team has fabricated a replica of our competition robot and the drivers have been practicing strategies to utilize in competition. Finally, MARS/WARS team members have been working on the development of marketing materials for the regionals including buttons, judges books, trading cards, videos, and statistical fliers. The competitions are quickly approaching and MARS/WARS is excited to see what they each have in store.

Build Sessions – Week 6, Part 2

Thursday, February 12, 2015

As the competition robot comes closer to completion, MARS/WARS focuses its attention on more precise adjustments that enhance the bot’s performance and durability. Support cables were added to the vertical elevator to prevent damage from the weight of loaded totes and refinement of one lifting component of the elevator is underway to optimize its functionality. Work continued on the practice robot and the electrical board was assembled and will be installed on this robot in the upcoming build sessions. Fabrication of the vertical elevator for the second robot began and components were made for the lifters as well as the parts through which the elevator will be secured to the chassis.