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2019 – Build Season – Week 3

2019 Build Season – Week 2

During week 2 of the robotics build season, MarsWars transitioned from the design phase to hands on development of the robot. The modeling team occupied their time by revising the elevator, which is a central element of the robot’s design. Since it is still early on in the season, the electrical team primarily focused on battery testing to guarantee that only well functioning batteries will be brought to our competitions. The mechanical team finished creating the field elements and started mapping out the field measurements so MarsWars will have an accurate location for practice. Finally, the programming team developed and adapted code for the robot’s elevator system. Although there are still several weeks until the end of the allotted build time, MarsWars is getting increasingly excited for competition and is already discussing drive team tryouts.

2019 Build Season – Week 1

2019 Build Season – Week 1

Subteam 1 was tasked with the endgame tasks.  The challenge with the endgame required our robot to climb to a 19in platform without any type of grip.  When brainstorming we decided that the best method for achieving this would be to lift the robot by putting the drive wheels on an elevator system. It is essentially a lowrider system.  We are considering automating this delicate process.

This week we have been researching the parts.  We need pieces that will be able to lift at least one 150lb robot.  There is discussion about attempting to pick up a second robot for an additional 12 points.  The modeling team in subteam 1 has finished most of the base and pulley system used to lift the robot. This has involved various gearing and weight calculations. Modellers have also made significant progress in the modelling of the system and are beginning to approach the point where a prototype could be built.

Our Saturday meeting got snowed out but there was an optional work session on Saturday where a few modellers worked from home, and there was another optional meeting on Sunday.

Mars/Wars 2019 Deep Space – Kickoff

January 5,

2018 Out of season Gateway competition

2018 Build Season – Week 5

2018 Build Season – Week 5

Strategy has been working on team apparel, such as buttons and t-shirts. They were also working on the match planning excel sheet to update the game for this year. Mechanical has been working on fixing and updating the drive train and the competition bot. They have also been finishing up on the practice bot. A mechanical sub-team has been working on the new electric storage unit. It is almost complete and should be available for use at the competition in St. Louis.

The Modeling team has been creating and continuing to update parts for the competition bot. As well as prototyping on the 3D printer and making prints for mechanical for construct. Electrical was wiring the wheel units this week. They have also been assisting mechanical in the swerve drive modules. At the field we are having parts machined and powder coated for the final robot.

2018 Build Season – Week 4

2018 Build Season – Week 4

During Week Four of build season, the work on the test bot is rapidly getting close to a close with only minor technical difficulties. Modeling team has been focusing on getting prints of each part of the robot to the mechanical team for machining. Windchill’s recent issues have set us back a tiny bit, but the team continues to overcome this obstacle with minimal frustration. Many parts on the test robot have had to be fixed or changed due to dimensions, which mechanical team has been busying themselves with as well as the production of new parts and better parts for the competition robot.

Programmers got the test robot driving, systems working, and their codes adapted to fit with the many different elements of the robot. Electrical team finished wiring the test robot and now work quickly to begin wiring the competition robot with a better layout.

2018 Build Season – Week 3

2018 Build Season – Week 3

During Week Three of build season, the strategy team enthusiastically interviewed each subteam on their progress through the week. By this time, the modeling team had completed the basic design of the robot and were working diligently on lining up parts with mechanical team’s machined pieces. They finished up adjusting models, deciding what pieces were structurally sound, and changing the placeholder parts. Programming team worked on updating their software and starting on the coding for autonomous functions. Electrical continued wiring up the basics of the robot, troubleshooting, soldering, testing batteries, and making an effort to organize extra electrical components.

Mechanical team continued to work hard on machining parts, crafting the elevator system, and deburring the machined parts. All the while, strategy finished out Week Three with starting on the playbook, completing the scouting databases, reviewing team updates, and putting together this article.
Overall, this season is looking pretty productive! Written portion of the driver test also took place in Week 3.

2018 Build Season – Week 2

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During week two we progressed with great speed and efficiency, putting us well ahead of where we were last year at this time. The modeling and mechanical teams got busy working on the drivetrain for the robot, nearly finishing it. They also completed a claw prototype for the robot. The strategy team was also being productive by creating their Kahoot game, which was played amongst the whole team on Saturday. The purpose of the game was to get all of the teams up to date and familiar with the rules. The team members who finished in the top three were allowed to get lunch first, which was some delicious Sloppy Joe’s. There was also some work done on the practice playing field this week. The switch was fixed to the proper dimensions and the scale was finished and modified with noodles for safety reasons.

In non-competition related news, the electrical team made a good deal progress on the MarsCar this past week. They put the brake drum onto the car and sanded off the old paint. Finally, they planned how to arrange the LED onto the car.

2018 Build Season – Week 1

During Week One, we immediately got to work on the Sunday after kickoff. We worked diligently on deciding our main priorities and also developing questions to ask and receive answers to once the Q&A was opened. Once we had a general idea of our robot, we started designing. It was a challenging work week for the modeling team to repurpose one of our old robot models to be able to hold a system that can pick up the POWER CUBES. We also worked on developing many different ideas of climbing on the narrow bar that was provided by FIRST.

The modeling team was hard at work developing the first models of the robot to then be CNC milled, 3D printed, and machined. Mechanical team worked in the woodshop, making the SCALE. With that almost completed, the team took a lunch break for some pizza from our local Casey’s. After a few slices of pizza, glasses of lemonade, and jokes shared, we continued to work on the SCALE and finish our first prototype of the elevator and claw for handling the POWER CUBES. Finally, with a few adjustments to our plans and a list of what needed to be changed; we concluded Week One of the build season.