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Build Sessions – Week 2, Part 1

 Tuesday, January 13, 2015 

MTCO Communications will be publishing an article written by MARS/WARS team members in the February edition of their Connected magazine. Team 4143 began their build session on Tuesday, January 13, by meeting early to take a group picture for this article. The Mad Hatters, an FLL team sponsored by MARS/WARS, joined the team for this photo. Following the picture the team conducted an activity in which each member stated their favorite FRC. Popular teams included Wave, the Roboteers, Robot Casserole, & Bomb Squad. As the drafting of prototypes approaches its end, the modeling team spent the evening dimensioning and printing their designs to forward for production by the mechanical team. The electrical team built the light control for the robot and the programming team began to program it. In addition to this, the programming team documented the control system connections for the test swerve drive.


Monday, January 12, 2015 

The second week of the competitive build season is underway, and MARS/WARS continues to progress as it conducts its first regular build session of the week on Monday, January 12. Construction of prototypes continue and although none are complete with working motors and programs, team members are already able to manually experiment with parts of incomplete prototypes. The build session came to an exciting close, as the majority of the team gathered around a recycling container to test a mechanism constructed to pick it up. Work within the sub groups was similar to the previous build sessions as the team continues to advance towards the completion of prototyping.


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