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Build Session – Week 4, Part 2

Saturday, January 31, 2015
On Saturday, January 31, MARS/WARS reached a great milestone for the build season, as the team consolidated their fabricated components into a robot assembly. Although the bot is not complete in its entirety, it is currently equipped with a functioning tote elevator and swerve drive chassis. This significant accomplishment by the team is the turning point in MARS/WARS’s season as it means that our energy will now be devoted to evaluation of existing components and determining how our robot can be improved. With the completion of the major systems of the robot, the programming team can develop and implement more specific programs, having distinct indication of the robot’s composition.

Thursday, January 29, 2015
As the open house draws closer, MARS/WARS continues to make preparations to welcome the community into its facilities to observe the team’s work. The event has been publicized in the local media, on the school’s website, and in the newsletter and organization of the tour route has taken place. The team has contacted the Mad Hatters, an FLL team founded by MARS/WARS, and invited it to exhibit its Lego Mindstorms robot. The Mad Hatters will also give a presentation about their recently completed season, during which they advanced to the Central Championship Tournament at the University of Illinois. Significant progress has been made with the lower frame of the robot and it is nearly ready to be painted. The first swerve module has been finalized and reviewed and construction of the other three swerve modules has been approved. MARS/WARS is excited about the advancements it has made thus far and the team is able to begin constructing the robot assembly in the next few build sessions.

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