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Build Session – Week 3, Part 2

Saturday, January 24, 2015
With the conclusion of the week, the team conducted a meeting during the Saturday build session to reflect on weekly goals and evaluate the progress of the team. Members of the design and electrical team converged to work on the modeling of the electrical board in creo and integrate it into the robot model. Experimentation with the NAVI board has continued throughout the week and the programming team is beginning to experience success with its use. The fabrication team continued to fabricate parts for the swerve drive and tote elevator and assemble these components of the robot.

cassy, ryan, datillo

Thursday, January 22, 2015
MARS/WARS began its build session with what team members like to call “Thank you Thursday,” a time during which each person expresses gratitude to someone. Both humorous as well as heart-felt thank yous are expressed, with replies ranging from “thanks for putting up with me” to team members thanking individuals responsible for founding MARS/WARS. Chassis fabrication continues as team members machine the lower housings of the swerve drive with the CNC mill and assemble gearboxes for steering components. As the modeling team continues to develop parts for fabrication, it has become apparent that the team needs a method by which prints will be organized and stored. MARS/WARS team members worked during this build session to develop a protocol for the depository of these documents. Several more prints were drafted during this build session, which included documentation of a barrel lifter as well as a concept for a three wheeled frame.

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