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Build Session – Week 2, Part 2

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday, January 18, was a day of great progress for MARS/WARS. Progression with the testing of pneumatics has allowed the team to implement them into their prototypes for experimentation. An example of their application was in a claw for the locomotion of recycling containers. In addition to this, a tote elevator was completed and both prototypes were tested. Both of these potential robot components hold great promise and the team is strongly considering their incorporation in the competitive robot. The final decision regarding the employment of these constituents in the robot will take place following the refinement of the design and function of these parts, toward which the team will spend the following build sessions progressing.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

MARS/WARS is approaching the end of prototyping as they work during their build session on Thursday, January 15. Observation of the modelers would depict the assembly of entire robots, as weight tests are being simulated on the designs. The mechanical team has finished several prototypes, including a claw mechanism and chain to lift multiple tubs. In addition to this, a pneumatics board is being fabricated as the team is considering their usage and would like to evaluate several components of their performance. The mechanical team also restocked the toolbox with soy sauce because they were running low. MARS/WARS found great success with their swerve drive in the 2014 season and intends to use a swerve drive again. Programs for its operation are currently being developed and will be tested in future build sessions. Preparations for driver tryouts are being made as analyses for the driving test are currently in development. Following the build session, a driver practice is being conducted.

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