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Build Season Week 2

week 2 headline photo

While the first week was spent brainstorming and refining ideas, Mars Wars has spent their second week turning those ideas into a reality.

mars wars week two picture 2

The electrical team worked on deciding which batteries are still usable. On top of that, they also completed the electrical circuits for this years Mars Cars project.

The modeling team had been working on designing the frame and the shooter of the robot.
Mars Wars week 2 3

The Mechanical team is finishing work on the castle and other field pieces that will e used to practice once the robot is completed.

The programming team finished working on the shooter and are currently working on the drive train.

Headline for real

The Strategy team has been spending time looking at topics on Chief Delphi and the FIRST Q and A in order to accumulate a variety of ideas that could come in handy. They also taught their members how to use the CNC Milling machine.

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