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2019 – Build Season – Week 5

Week 5 has passed us by and the team is as busy as ever! Not including arguments over robot weight and reusing parts, the process has been going smoothly. The modelers are adding the finishing touches on their digital representation of our robot, while electrical mostly wired up the test robot that is currently being built. Mechanical built up the elevator shaft, and the components associated with it. This included using welding, CNC mills, and other machinery. Some of the modelers who didn’t have enough to do also designed some decorative pins for competition. We also decided our mascot needed a touch up, and as such the armour got a repaint and re-spiking. We  continued to develop our practice field by inflating the balls that go with the game. We also constructed our wheels with a Mars Wars copyrighted technique™. The team is all ready, and excited for what’s to come!

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