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2019 – Build Season – Week 4

During week 4, our modelers’ hard work could finally be seen. The arm prototype and lift mechanism both have been completed. Our mechanical team has finished setting up the field with proper dimensions so we can test our designs and programs. The electrical team has also succeeded in all of its battery tests that have taken some time to complete. Climbing to the top stage is considered the hardest part of our design, therefore, requires the most amount of concentration. We are still improving our development on the elevator by adding an interface to it. The arm is our most recent design. We have been trying to come up with a way to design an arm that could operate with ease and perform the task quickly. Once the arm is installed to the rest of the bot we will be able to see the power that is needed to push out the ball into the target area. However, we had to take in account the weight it holds as the center of gravity changes due to the height needed at the time. Many developments are still being made to the robot and we will soon be assembling each individual part together.

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