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2019 – Build Season – Week 3

Week 3 of the robotics build season continued the hands on side of development on the robot. The modeling team continued to revise the elevator as well as start to materialistically create a lot of the essential elevator pieces. Electrical team continued their focus on ensuring and guaranteeing battery functionality before and during competition. The mechanical team finalized the field elements produced and began to preposition the assembled components to have the required room. They also began their work in the machine shop milling and assembling pieces that were needed to be done by hand for both prototype and final uses. Coding continued their development as well, pushing code onto their respective controllers and ensuring their respective functions. They also began to work on controllers for the vision we desire to have during our competitions. As bagging day rapidly approaches, the Mars Wars team continues to develop the robot, we are all hoping for it to fight it’s way into the finals. We will begin preparations to pick the people that will be behind the driver’s station and in the pits while we’re there!

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