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2019 Build Season – Week 1

2019 Build Season – Week 1

Subteam 1 was tasked with the endgame tasks.  The challenge with the endgame required our robot to climb to a 19in platform without any type of grip.  When brainstorming we decided that the best method for achieving this would be to lift the robot by putting the drive wheels on an elevator system. It is essentially a lowrider system.  We are considering automating this delicate process.

This week we have been researching the parts.  We need pieces that will be able to lift at least one 150lb robot.  There is discussion about attempting to pick up a second robot for an additional 12 points.  The modeling team in subteam 1 has finished most of the base and pulley system used to lift the robot. This has involved various gearing and weight calculations. Modellers have also made significant progress in the modelling of the system and are beginning to approach the point where a prototype could be built.

Our Saturday meeting got snowed out but there was an optional work session on Saturday where a few modellers worked from home, and there was another optional meeting on Sunday.

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