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2018 Justin MarsCar

During the off-season, Mars/Wars has once again been dedicating time to working on a MarsCar. This year’s project is a little different from previous years because the young man we are modifying the vehicle for is a bit older than the kids we usually work with. Justin is twelve years old and in sixth grade. He does not have much mobility in his legs, but he is able to use his upper body.

Because he is older, we were able to get some input directly from Justin in regard to what he wanted the vehicle to look like and how he wanted it to perform. We needed to make sure that he could get in and out without too much hassle and that it was safe but still exciting for a twelve-year-old. We decided to use a go-kart frame for the body and use parts from an electric scooter for the brakes and throttle. Recently, we’ve been working on ensuring that the frame is compatible with the electrical parts and figuring out the details of how the vehicle will be powered.