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2015 Galactic Council Responsibilities

Galactic Council Responsibilities :
(Responsible for, but not the only one working on these items)

Planning, managing sub-team assignments – Jenna

Conduct status review sessions, maintain ready task list in Trello and ensure status updates are kept up

Open House – Jenna

Coordinate open house assignments, visitor flow and presentation material

Awards – Nick

Develop timeline, milestones for:

  • Chairman’s
  • Dean’s List
  • Judges Book

Social Media – Nick

  • Web site articles
  • Collect, compile and distribute video
  • Tweets for special events
  • Manage team Facebook page
  • Thank you responses for sponsors and volunteers

Software – Seth

Install software on new laptops, apply updates when new software available.
Timeline, milestones for documenting a process to create an account and install software for:
Documentation completed by year end 2014

  • Windchill
  • MeshCAM
  • Creo
  • AutoCAD
  • Eclipse
  • Github

Pit Master – Jarrett
Pit layout, setup dry run and banner structure complete by year end 2014

  • Design
  • Prototype setup with banners and structure
  • Electrical layout
  • Carts/storage needs
  • Tower contents
  • Organize transport and setup/tear down of pit at competitions
  • Rules around what gets stored in pit area, people in pit, pit crew and cleaning assignments for competitions
  • 10 minute pit

Safety – Jeanine
Safety test given by Kickoff

  • Safety test
  • Shop tour
  • Document procedure if someone has an accident, review with team
  • xxx Days since last accident poster, update
  • Policy for who can use what tools
  • Competition safety kit, documentation

Captain Cleanup – Jordan

  • Bell for cleanup 10 min before build session ends
  • In charge of keeping cabinets and tools organized
  • All tools and material put away by end of session, anyone wanting to continue work can get their material out again after all clean up

Fundraiser – Jordan
Run 2 IGA fundraisers by Kickoff and collect bulb sales due by Kickoff

  • Organize students for light bulb sales 10 per student or attend sales event
    Required : sell 10 light bulbs or work light bulb sales event or pay $70
    fundraiser covers team attire
  • Organize any additional fundraiser such as batteries

Driver Selection Process – Matt
Driver test criteria documented and put on Mars/Wars storage google drive by year end 2014

FUN – All

  • Cow Bell (or other equivalent) for cleanup notice
  • Once a week surprise visit by mascot for team member interviews (having fun with this, be sure to record)
  • Sub-Team challenges (details to be determined)


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