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2015 Build Season Mentor Working Agreement

This working agreement is for the mentors of students working on the 6 week build season to build the FRC competition robot

Working session days/hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6-8pm
Saturday 9am-3pm

Commitment to students
1. Start each session with review of goals, milestones and activities with your student working group

  • What did you work on last time
  • What are you working on next
  • What is getting in your way of completing it
  • Fully defining what is to be done before starting activities

2. Defining what ‘Done’ means for project student is working on – definition of done (DoD)
3. Having students documenting what has been be done on their activities in Trello
4. Coordinate any unscheduled meetings with student working group as needed

Manage personal attendance in Mentor availability spreadsheet

  • Attend any meetings you are scheduled (S) to attend
  • Update your scheduled  sessions as changes occur in your availability in Mentor spreadsheet
  • (A – Available, M- Will Miss Scheduled, L – Will be late for scheduled)
  • Last minute scheduling issues text to Mars/Wars
  • Arrive on time

Trello – Team Activity Management Tool
1. At any time – students and mentors are only working on items that are defined in Trello and are listed under a sub-group
2. Team Support mentors and Galactic Council focused on continuous grooming of Trello backlog

  • Further refining detail in activity
  • Continuous re-prioritization

3. Trello items are not moved to a sub group until they are Ready.

  • Definition of Ready – (can move to Ready column)
    • Description of what needs to be done
    • Sub-group assigned
    • Due date assigned
    • Definition of Done (DoD) noted in description or checklist
      • Clear and concise list of requirements that the activity must meet for the Sub-group to call it complete
  • Before Trello items are moved to a sub-team to be worked on
    • Students and a mentor assigned
    • Student responsible for updating the status noted in description

List purchase requests or items purchased in the google doc located at

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