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Phoenix Re-Build

Saturday August 30, 2014

Long day, rebuilding the Phoenix. New front frame, plugs in all the pivots, some got some first time experience milling !
Ran it through some autonomous and tele when we got done tonight. Phoenix is ready to go “again”. How many times has this Phoenix rose from the ashes ?

Team Meeting 8/26

Monday August 26, 2014

This was a team meeting for the 2015 Mars/Wars robotics team.  We had a large number of new students show up which is great.  We are asking for those that want to participate on the team during the fall.  We are planning on meeting on Tuesday nights 6-8 (on the calendar).  We have a number of robot projects we are planning on working on as well as some new designs we plan to model and build as proof of concept (new swerve drive design, maybe a robotic arm) and then there are always repairs.  Our first priority is going to be get the Phoenix (2014 robot) and our test swerve drive robot ready for a competition in St Louis on September 13.  The new Washington rookie FRC team will be using our test swerve drive robot at the competition.

Team Meeting 9/16

Tuesday September 16, 2014
Team meeting broke into 8 groups to work on various topics: Modeling, Frisbee shooter, Programming overview, Social media strategy, Field clean out, MarsCars, Trophy Project, Electrical Organization. Mars Cars team met with Ethan and his family to discuss a new Mars Cars project.

How many times can a Phoenix arise from the ashes ?

We have yet another Phoenix rebuild complete. Another excellent effort put into re-working the Phoenix and frame components to get the robot back in working order for the next competition in September. We had the front upper frame structure (“field goal”) sheered off over a couple elimination round matches while at the Rockford competition in July. This past Saturday, we had some students come in to work on some programming and rebuilding the damaged framework on the Phoenix. Added several plugs to some weak points and several students got to work on the mills, one for the first time.

Phoenix rebuild

Prep for Gateway Challenge

Thursday September 11, 2014
The Gateway Challenge team (Metamora and Washington) worked on prepping the test swerve for competition and collecting up all the equipment for the competition on Saturday. Phoenix is ready to go (we just had to re-wire in a signal light), a little confusing when there isn’t a backlog of items to fix on it, but we have been working on it the last couple weeks. Everything for the pit is piled up by the door ready to be loaded.