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Rock River Off-Season Competition

Saturday July 26, 2014

Team traveled to the Rock River Off-Season competition (R2OC).  We won the first several matches and then we had a couple rough matches with non-functioning robot partners and some really close matches.  We ended up paired with the 2nd seed and then the demolition derby took over in the elimination rounds.  We took some strong hits to our front frame structure which in one match sheered off  one of our tower structure arms that holds the wing on (welds held! just sheered off along the tubing).  We ducked taped that up (Gorilla tape FTW) which didn’t hold long but we were able to make it through autonomous (we made all the autonomous shots the entire day) and the during that match we had the other tower get sheered off from other teams ramming into the robot.  The drive up and back on Saturday made for a long day but very fun and exciting day.

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Team Meeting 7/21

Monday July 21, 2014

Team meeting to prepare for the Rockford competition

roboRio Expansion Card Prototype

In preparation for the new NI roboRIO for use in the 2015 FRC season, M/W is working on an expansion card to supplement the new NI roboRIO. The next generation in student robotics controllers will be replacing the current cRIO in use with FRC. This device is designed specifically with FIRST in mind. It’s more powerful, lighter, and smaller than the previous cRIO. Check out the NI roboRIO details and specifications – here

FIRST will be selecting Beta teams to test the 2015 control system in summer of 2014.
Follow the discussion on the M/W expansion card on Chief Delphi – here


Rock River Preparation

Saturday July 12, 2014

Rockford Off-Season competition robot preparation and testing

Tech Explosion Summer Camp

Saturday July 7-11, 2014

Tech Explosion

Tech Explosion! Summer Camp.  24 middle school students attended, around 10 Mars/Wars team members organized and ran the event and we had 8 mentors helping out.
Information Page / Flyer here

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Team Meeting 7/2

Monday July 2, 2014

Robot rebuilds and repairs