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2014 History – Aerial Assist

As MARS/WARS has evolved, better organization of the team and the way it is run has developed. The team feels that it is best to execute the team as a business because participation in FIRST prepares students for their professional careers. 2014 was an important year for Team 4143 because the team implemented project management software through which the team could electronically assign tasks and determine progress. This advancement aided the team in the production of a robot for the 2014 game, Aerial Assist, in which robots were expected to shoot exercise balls into goals. The experience MARS/WARS acquired in its previous seasons enabled the team to fabricate an intricate robot with more advanced capabilities. The resulting robot, “The Phoenix,” was equipped with a swerve drive chassis which allowed the robot to drive in any direction. Other features of the robot included the ability for the robot to be loaded from two sides and fine control of the caliber of shots taken by the robot. The Phoenix competed in the Central Illinois Regional (CIR), a week 1 regional, where it finished as a finalist and MARS/WARS won the Judges Award. The team then traveled to Milwaukee where it participated in the Wisconsin Regional for the third consecutive year and was also awarded the Judges Award. 2014 was a year of significant progress for MARS/WARS and the team will apply the vast knowledge it acquired to future endeavors.

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