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2013 History – Ultimate Ascent

After a successful rookie season, MARS/WARS headed into it’s second year strong, ready to tackle the next challenge thrown at it. Having completed the construction of a robot in the previous season, team members had a better understanding of the design process. This understanding helped the team to be more organized and set goals to keep the robot fabrication on schedule. The game for the 2013 season, Ultimate Ascent, called for a robot that could shoot frisbees as well as climb a pyramid. MARS/WARS encountered difficulty with the implication of both a frisbee shooter and climbing mechanism into its robot. In the end the team chose not to incorporate a frisbee shooter and to instead optimize the robot for climbing, the area the robot had the strongest performance. This decision turned out to be successful as the team created a robot capable of climbing to the highest tier of the pyramid and scoring by dumping frisbees in the top of the structure for a total of fifty points. The exclusively climbing robot earned the name “Mantis” for its ability to swiftly climb and score, which became familiar with the guests of the venues MARS/WARS competed at; the team participated in two regionals in 2013 – The Wisconsin Regional in Milwaukee and the Crossroads Regional in Terre Haute, Indiana. At the Crossroads regional, MARS/WARS earned the Judges award for its clever personification of the Mantis robot. The 2013 season was of great consequence for MARS/WARS as the team implemented the knowledge it learned in its rookie season regarding the successful execution of a FIRST Robotics team.


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